School Of Taekwon-Do

School Of Taekwon-Do


Taekwon-Do is an art that implies a way of thinking and life, and particularly in instilling moral civilization and generating the power for justice. Taekwon-Do is also known as one of the best means of developing and enhancing the emotional, perceptual and psychological characteristics that enable the younger generation, regardless of age, social status or sex, to effectively learn and participate in the social and play demands of his peers.

Every movement of Taekwon-Do is scientifically designed with specific purpose and a skillful instructor may, therefore, develop in the student a belief that success is possible for anyone.

Constant repetition teaches patience and the resolve to overcome any difficulty. The tremendous power generated from one's body develops the self-confidence to meet any opponent, at any place, and in any situation. Sparring teaches humility, courage, alertness and accuracy, adaptability as well as self-control.

Pattern teaches flexibility, grace, balance and coordination while the fundamental exercises develop precision and teaches the method, principle, imagination and purpose. Eventually, this training permeates every conscious and subconscious action of the student.

Perhaps in some way, Taekwon-Do and the guiding hand of a qualified instructor may serve as an aid to the misguided, insecure, and physically weak because the student who comes to love the art quickly realizes that to excel, the body must be kept at its optimum peak of conditioning and he will, consequently, hesitate to jeopardize his training in any way.

Thus, Taekwon-Do offers a strict self-imposed discipline along with the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

Together with discipline there are many who need and search for acceptance and leadership are anxious to associate with a group or strong leader. If the student trains conscientiously, he will easily be accepted by his peers and superiors.

If the instructor and ranking belts are articulate, well-groomed, polite, confident, intelligent and understanding, this leadership will provide, perhaps, the best of all possible influences on the student. Prejudice is taught at an early age but there is little time for petty prejudices while sharing the camaraderie and Spartan training atmosphere of Taekwon-Do.

Through severe training in classes, one learns to communicate with the obvious result that racial barriers are stripped away. The harmonious exchange of Taekwon-Do between races certainly helps to eradicate the unfortunate lack of understanding that often exists between people.

Obviously, the training one receives in Taekwon-Do has numerous other advantages. Taekwon-Do can be quite beneficial for preparing youth not only for taking his place in society, but also for his academic life. The art teaches, among other things, tenacity and concentration; and it is also conductive for relieving the tensions and pressures effectuated by the rigors of long tedious hours of study. A session of training can refresh the student and help calm and clear the mind, permitting the student to once again focus his energies completely on his studies.

Students tend to become lethargic and distracted after long hours in the confines of a classroom. Through breaking the student learns to clear his mind and remove obstacles that might normally detract from focused power.

Using the same principle against a specific target a diligent student can learn to concentrate his resources with a minimum loss of energy. Taekwon-Do also tends to accelerate a student's process of maturation, since the seriousness of the art, its potentiality and the profound respect he eventually gains from the training stimulates the student's sensitivity and perception.

Here is perhaps the instructor's most important phase instruction: the ability to teach a student methods of using the body as a weapon without abusing that knowledge.

Though the process may be a frustrating one, the task of educating the public and responsible leaders in the community and introducing the stimuli of Taekwon-Do is a challenge all dedicated students should undertake.

It is hoped that the foregoing pages have sufficiently expressed the reasons why Taekwon-Do has been spreading like wildfire throughout the world.

However, it must be clearly remembered that moral civilization, while enabling the younger generations to possess their own view of life and philosophy, eradicating a deteriorative tendency is the prime reason of all.

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