School Of Taekwon-Do

School Of Taekwon-Do

(Son Gisool)

English - Hand Technique Korean - Son Gisool

Vertical Punch
Side Punch
Side Front Punch
Upward Punch
Upset Punch
U-shape Punch
Crescent Punch
Downward Punch
Turning Punch
Angle Punch
Knuckle Fist Punch
Twin Fore-knuckle Fist
Middle Knuckle Fist
Twin Middle Knuckle Fist
Thumb Knuckle Fist
Horizontal Punch
Long Fist Punch
Open Fist Punch
Double Fist Punch
Horizontal Thrust
Twin Elbow
Single Elbow
Back Elbow
Twin Side Back Elbow
Cross Cut
Inward Cross Cut
Outward Cross Cut
Side Cross Cut
Upper Elbow Strike
Upper Back Elbow Strike
Front Elbow Strike
High Elbow Strike
Inward Knife-Hand Strike
Twin Knife-hand Strike
Reverse Knife-hand Strike
Twin Reverse Knife-hand Strike
Under Fist Strike
Bear Hand Strike
Finger Pincers Strike
Downward Strike
Side Downward Strike
Side Downward Knife-Hand Strike
Side Downward Side Fist Strike
Side Downward Back Hand Strike
Front Downward Strike
Outward Knife-hand strike
Outward Side-fist Strike
Knife Hand Side Strike
Side Fist Strike
Back Fist Strike
Twin Back Fist
Back Hand Strike
Twin Back Hand
Back Fist Wedging Strike
Knife-Hand Horizontal Strike
Twin Back Fist Horizontal Strike
Twin Side Fist Horizontal Strike
Twin Back Hand Horizontal Strike
Back Fist Side Front Strike
Back Hand Side Front Strike
Reverse Knife-hand Side Front Strike
Front Back-fist Strike
Front Knife-hand Strike
Front Reverse Knife-hand Strike
Crescent Strike
Arc Hand Crescent Strike
Finger Pincers Crescent Strike
Backside Strike
Side Front Strike
Reverse Knife-hand Side Front Strike

Sewo Jirugi
Yop Jirugi
Yobap Jirugi
Ollyo Jirugi
Dwijibo Jirugi
Digutja Jirugi
Bandal Jirugi
Naeryo Jirugi
Dollyo Jirugi
Giokja Jirugi
Songarak Joomuk Jirugi
Sang Han Songarak Joomuk
Kaunde Joongji Joomuk Jirugi
Sang Kaunde Joongji Joomuk Jirugi
Umji Songarak Joomuk
Soopyong Jirugi
Ghin Joomuk Jirugi
Pyon Joomuk Jirugi
Doo Joomuk Jirugi
Soopyong Tulgi
Sang Palgup
Wae Palgup
Dwit Palgup
Sang Yop Dwit Palkup
Anuro Ghutgi
Bakuro Ghutgi
Yop Ghutgi
Wi Palkup Taerigi
Widwi Palkup Taerigi
Ap Palkup Taerigi
Nopun Palkup Taerigi
Anuro Sonkal Taerigi
Sang Sonkal Taerigi
Sonkal Dung Taerigi
Sang Sonkal Dung Taerigi
Mit Joomuk Taerigi
Gomson Taerigi
Jipge Son Taerigi
Naeryo Taerigi
Yop Naeryo Taerigi
Yop Naeryo Sonkal Taerigi
Yop Naeryo Yop Joomuk Taerigi
Yop Naeryo Sondung Taerigi
Ap Naeryo Taerigi
Bakuro Sonkal Taerigi
Bakuro Yop Joomuk Taerigi
Sonkal Yop Taerigi
Yop Joomuk Taerigi
Dung Joomuk Taerigi
Sang Dung Joomuk Taerigi
Sondung Taerigi
Sang Sondung Taerigi
Dung Joomuk Hechyo Taerigi
Sonkal Soopyong Taerigi
Sang Dung Joomuk Soopyong Taerigi
Sang Yop Joomuk Soopyong Taerigi
Sang Sondung Taerigi
Dung Joomuk Yobap Taerigi
Sondung Yobap Taerigi
Sonkal Dung Yobap Taerigi
Ap Dung Joomuk Taerigi
Ap Sonkal Taerigi
Ap Sonkal Dung Taerigi
Bandal Taerigi
Bandal Son Taerigi
Jipge Son Bandal Taerigi
Yopdwi Taerigi
Yobap Taerigi
Sonkal Dung Yobap Taerigi

English - Thrusting Technique Korean - Tulgi Gisool

Double Fingertip
Flat Fingertip
Upset Fingertip
Straight Fingertip
Angle Fingertip
Downward Thrust
Straight Elbow
Side Thrust
Double Fingertip
Side-front Thrust
Side Elbow
Single Side Elbow
Twin Side Elbow

Sonkut Tulgi
Doo Sonkut Tulgi
Opun Sonkut Tulgi
Dwijibo Sonkut Tulgi
Sun Sonkut Tulgi
Homi Sonkut Tulgi
Naeryo Tulgi
Sun Palkup Tulgi
Yop Tulgi
Doo Sonkut Tulgi
Yobap Tulgi
Yop Palkup
Wae Yop Palkup
Sang Yop Palkup

English - Flying Hand Technique Korean - Twinmyo Son Gisool

Flying Punch
Flying Vertical Punch
Flying Upset Punch
Flying Front Punch
Flying Side Strike
Flying Side Front Strike
Flying Back Fist Side Strike
Flying Back Hand Side Strike
Flying Knife-hand Side Strike
Flying Side-fist Side Strike
Flying Front Strike
Flying Reverse Knife-hand Front Strike
Flying Back-fist Front Strike
Flying Mid-air Strike
Flying Spinning 180 Degree
Flying Spinning 360 Degree
Flying Flat Fingertip Cross-cut
Flying Flat Fingertip Inward Cross-cut
Flying Flat Fingertip Outward Cross-cut
Flying Double Attack
Flying Double Punch
Flying Vertical Double Side Punch
Flying Middle Knuckle Fist

Twimyo Jirugi
Twimyo Sewo Jirugi
Twimyo Dwijibo Jirugi
Twimyo Ap Jirugi
Twimyo Yop Taerigi
Twimyo Yobap Taerigi
Twimyo Dung Joomuk Yop Taerigi
Twimyo Sondung Yop Taerigi
Twimyo Sonkal Yop Taerigi
Twimyo Yop Joomuk Yop Taerigi
Twimyo Ap Taerigi
Twimyo Sonkal Dung Ap Taerigi
Twimyo Dung Joomuk Ap Taerigi
Twio Dolmyo Taerigi
180 Twio Dolmyo Taerigi
360 Twio Dolmyo Taerigi
Twimyo Opun Sonkut Ghutgi
Twimyo Opun Sonkut Anuro Ghutgi
Twimyo Opun Sonkut Bakuro Ghutgi
Twimyo I - Jung Gong Gyok
Twimyo I - Jung Jirigi
Twimyo Soojik I - Jung Yop Jirugi
Twimyo Kaunde Joongi Joomuk Jirugi

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